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New Moon in Scorpio- Thursday November 4th, 2021, 2:15 pm

Sabian Symbol- “An Inventor Performing a Laboratory Experiment”

Our Earth’s Moon reflects the brightest light we can see in the night sky. Its phases are a part of human consciousness, and its movements affect systems on earth and sea.

When we align our activities to the Moon’s cycles, we find a greater connection to our body’s intuitive wisdom. The New Moon, when the lunar cycle is reborn “into the Sun” is preceded by nights of darkness, where the focus is on inward turning and reflection. This energetic framework is ideal for taking note of your thoughts and feelings.

All New Moons begin a new intuitive/feeling cycle according to the style of the sign it’s in and any planetary aspects made.

This new Moon in Scorpio is full of the potent power of transformation. We are just days away from the middle of Scorpio season and the mid-point between the last quarter of our solar year. In this space we open up to the transformative power of darkness, in the intense, dark and Plutonic atmosphere we find ourselves in.

The chart of the Sun/New Moon conjunction opposes Uranus in Taurus and Squares Saturn in Aquarius, creating a fixed sign T-Square to contend with. In addition, Mercury, representing our collective mind has just exactly squared Pluto and ingresses to Scorpio tomorrow. Our thoughts are of life and death, power and powerlessness, as well as freedom- from authority, from obstacles and even from fear itself!

We have a new lunation cycle representing the need to get to the heart of our fear, our stress response in regard to where we are going next. With Uranus and Saturn involved, it’s important to mitigate between the two energies- “How can I create personal freedom for myself that is ALSO responsible for the part I have in engaging with community or others?” Caution, or taking a step-by-step process is encouraged with Saturn, even as we may all want to run away.

Note, Mars is also in Scorpio and moving quickly to engage in this T square, which will happen mid-month. Mercury will also move to Scorpio on the 5th. All this adds up to an extra intense month that features a Lunar Eclipse the 19th which will bring some of the situations we are dealing with to a crucial head.

When we are aren’t changing our world, we are choosing it. These are words to remember as the Universe pushes us, to seek out, to detect, (Scorpio) what needs changing, or transforming. All things change, actively recreate your life NOW by seeking and honoring what needs to die in it. Perform your own experiment as you innovate and create new life!

On the day of, or soon after the New Moon use the energy of new beginnings to create a ritual around your desires. Ask yourself -What Do I Need now? How do I Feel? What do I Really Want?

You can write down the answer to these questions, or just note your desires on paper or in a journal, you may light a candle as you hold these wishes in your mind or join with others to create a ceremony around it.

We first sow the seeds of our intentions internally, then cultivate them with action as they are revealed with the Full Moon.

Find where midpoint of Scorpio lies in your chart and take some time to honor what is no longer working there, as well as what you wish to transform. Write your desires down as you open up to realization that all starts within, honor and use the flow of Scorpios regenerative time to allow death within life, however metaphorical- and you will be reborn!

Here are some insights for what this lunation is providing,

Read by your Sun/Ascendant:

Aries- New Moon brings to light insights on how to receive from others, deeper intimacy, healthy interdependence, money and resources. You need not do everything yourself. Time to connect!

Taurus- This Moon honors your partnering; how can you regenerate your style of relating and receiving love from others? New ways to get your relationship needs met are favored.

Gemini- The energy you put into your work, your daily rituals and health needs investigating. Is it too much? Too little? Commit to digging into your habits and see what you can improve!

Cancer- New Moon shines light on where you find Joy. Is love your joy? Creative work? Your family and children? Life without fun is not complete, especially true now. Research this and add in some.

Leo- Family and your home life is featured now Leo. Whether you like it or not, secure your base, even if it’s a backpack and your strong self-esteem. Look within the deepest part of you and know you are connected to your well ancestors and can call on them for guidance always.

Virgo- What you think becomes belief and belief becomes your perception, Investigate your thoughts now. They are relative and can be changed. The mind is flexible, allow yourself to be too and you will see change.

Libra- New Moon points what you own, value and use. What is most important to you? Your money or freedom to do as you please? You can improve your resources with time, just remember to dig deep into what it is you truly want.

Scorpio- You can change how you approach life itself now, as the Philosopher Confucius guides, “ The Superior (hu)man speaks through actions. Words are matched by deeds. In everything, practice the principles of Sages”. Powerful words to transform your life by now!

Sagittarius- Know thyself and know the Universe now Sag! This lunation you may have dreams, signs and symbols of the next stage of your journey. Look to healthy therapeutic modalities or get a guided reading of your energy by someone trusted. Messages from other worlds await.

Capricorn- Shine a light into the darkness of your community, groups and friends. If they haven’t been working for or with you, search for the why. Are you outgrowing them or they you? Is it time to purge this part of your life? Only you know, get real with your ability to give and take here.

Aquarius- It’s time for a new start, a new direction, even a new career. Where you are going next may be a mystery that is revealed through this lunation. Look to clues provided by the Universe. When doors are closed, pivot. Roads were made for journeys, not destinations.

Pisces- You may find a seed of a new philosophy now, a deeper understanding of spiritual truths, an “AHA” moment. You may be blessed by travel, by experiences of new ideas or cultures, you may find the Universal laws you have been seeking now too!

Art by Julia Lilliard

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