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New Moon in Taurus  5/7/2024 8:21 pm PDT


A new Moon happens when the Moon is between the Sun and Earth, and they share the same celestial longitude (a projection of the Earth's own longitude lines on the celestial sphere). Since the illuminated side of the Moon is facing away from us, unless there is an eclipse (the Moon passing directly in front of the sun) one can't see a new Moon.

The days leading into the new Moon are literally dark- that is our night sky is not lit by the Sun’s reflected light on our Moon. Also, we’ve just left our tumultuous eclipse season, and energetically, we may be tired and feel lost or overwhelmed by the recent past. Remember, Astrological moon is our instinctual emotional relating, that is our style of connection and receipt as well as output of nourishment.

Fortunately, new Moon times are a new beginning, a dawn of sorts where we can find insight (spirit) into our lives (matter).


This event’s quality of time features Uranus, the Revolutionary less than 3 degrees away. Venus and Jupiter round up a 5 planet Stellium in Taurus, and Saturn the “old devil” is also connected via a separating Sextile. We also have Mercury conjoined with Chiron exactly and Eris in Aries. This is a realization and projection of the big inner wounds we humans carry.


The BIG Taurus energy reminds me of the Taurus stellium from May of 2000. Profound events happened for me back then in the place in my chart it fell. Now, do look to your own Astrological house and/or planets in Taurus for some Archetypal themes. Is it your first house (Taurus rising) approach to life or body, ego? Is it your 10th place of direction, career/status?


This new moon points to the need to discover what your TRUE and AUTHENTIC values are and GROW THEM.


What does your “pot of gold” look like? Is it money and possessions? Or freedom, love, sensuality and self-rule?  

Sometimes it takes withdrawing from the world of the senses to the inner world to find our deeper truths. We are our Mind/Body/Spirit and need to acknowledge our multiple selves to find wholeness.

I pulled the Hermit card for a collective meditation on this theme. It counsels that only when our inner selves are illuminated by “the light that casts no shadow” (inner revelation) may we know our truths.


We must all eat to live, to breathe air and drink water and we must have a healthy planet. But we need to do it together, creatively, and peacefully. This means putting our energy and time into “seeding” our intentions into the world. This New Moon is fertile with possibility. Even as it shakes up our security, it brings us new and sudden illuminations and perceptions, exciting innovations and “Revolution from the known”.


Desire/Intention and Ritual/Action are powerful creative forces.

 See below for a suggestion on how to create at this new Moon.

Many Blessings,



You Will Need

Small Slip of Paper and a Pencil

Candle and lighter/matches

Seed(s) (any/or just use your intention)

Items to represent air, earth, fire, water.

Items to represent your allies (herbs, live plants, stones, statues, etc.).

Small pot with soil.

A small bowl of water.

Spell Instructions:

Set up your altar or spellcasting area with representations of the elements and spirit allies.

Place the candle, seed(s) bowl of water, and a small pot in front of you.

Use the paper and pencil to write down your intention. This is best for spells that need to hold (ex: protection) or grow (ex: abundance) over time.

Ground and Center. Prepare yourself through a short meditation if that works for you.

Cast a circle or use the sacred smoke of choice to create a spellcasting/ritual space.

Invite the elements and allies to join you and lend their power to your spell.

Read your intention. Speak the words aloud. Think about them. Focus in the way which serves you best.

Light the candle while speaking the words of your intention.

Plant the seed in the small pot filled with soil while speaking the words of your intention.

Pour the water from the bowl over the soil while speaking the words of your intention.

Fold the paper and place it under the soil (away from the seeds) while speaking the words of your intention.

Thank the elements and allies for joining and assisting you in the spell.

Release the circle, sacred space. Allow the candle to burn until it extinguishes.

Let the seed pot hold space on the altar, then move to where growth can occur.

So mote it be.





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