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New Moon in Taurus May 11th 11:59 am pdt

"Grounded Beauty"

Our new Moon in Taurus comes at an apex of Spring energy in the Northern hemisphere, all full blooms and warmer weather, a natural opening up to the " Venusian" fulfillment of the sensual world. The sign of Taurus is focused on attracting and managing resources; the items we personally value, especially those elements of our planet earth and its treasures.

Taurus's expression is stable, grounded, fixed- as we call this modality of the middle of a season.

As the Moon and Sun conjoin they form a new lunar cycle, an unconscious or instinctive expression of the theme of the archetypal energy of each sign that is impacted.

In Taurus we have at the forefront our self-esteem, our property, our real estate, money and possessions too. Where you have Taurus in your personal natal chart, you have the opportunity to create a new cycle now!

What’s interesting about this cycle is that it is conjoined almost exactly with Black Moon Lilith, an apogee of the Moon. Like the Moon’s Nodes this is a mathematical “point” where the Moon’s orbit is farthest from Earth. This point is a like a void, the “dark side” of the Moon.

A part of this new cycle is concerned with dis-enfranchised aspects of our instinctual selves. Black Moon Lilith, like the Moon and Venus has been traditionally seen as an aspect of the divine feminine, the receptive and intuitive self, the part of life that is inclusive and deeply creative. With a void, we need to consciously address and relate to what is missing here.

This moon asks us how we can nourish and nurture ourselves to create a deeper relationship to our core, which is the place which is always connected to our true Mother Earth and all that is. There is deep creative energy present now if we connect with what we are lacking or our needs and reach out to get what we want. Empower yourselves!

Moon moves away from a difficult aspect to Saturn and then towards Jupiter, holding at 29 Aquarius and within days of moving to its exalted position in Pisces- we may get bursts of hope and faith, as we come out of Saturn’s long winter of ascetism, and move to more connection, fun and pleasure. Uranus is present too, not strongly conjoined with Moon, but still in the mix. Ideas and inspirations, revolution and evolutionary ideas catapult us into a new world.

Moon’s ruler Venus is now in Gemini, along with Mercury and North Node, so lean into data, to streams of information available to you for making small and informed adjustments as you grow your world.

Neptune and Pallas Athene in Pisces sextile the Moon as well- providing a stream of psychic dreams, hunches, and inner nudges from the collective consciousness. Trust your higher selves to help guide you strategically to next steps.

Write out New Moon wishes along the lines above to improve your worlds, your self-esteem and power to create and refresh yourselves anew. Use flowers and scent, in a small or large wishing ritual.

Moon Blessings!


Photo by Alvin Balemesa

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