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Pisces New Moon February 23rd, 7:32 am PST

Lunations of all kinds are the some of the best times for magickal works, rituals and intentional work. A New Moon is always optimal for making a change, getting out of a rut and planting seeds for the future. This New Moon in Pisces brings up the Opportunity to connect with a higher power in our lives. For some, this may be their “ will within” the higher self or inner guide. Others may call upon divinities or elemental energy sources for guidance. Regardless of our devotional style, the sign post of Pisces season calls for trust in the invisible process and powers of life, a leaning in to the Intelligent unfoldment of the Universe. This event is supported by some interesting players- Mars, the God of War in his exaltation in Capricorn and Uranus, the Revolutionary in Taurus. After our Luminary’s speak to us in their symbolic ways- we find inspired actions to follow. Mercury Retrograde is also at play- in Pisces our minds are murky, be careful of your thoughts and communications. Know what is a Siren’s Call and what is your EssentialTruth. Venus and Jupiter make some low key invitations to the Moon to keep relating to ourselves and others in a positive way, to KEEP THE FAITH and dream big. Soon, the Vernal Equinox and the Astrological start to a year of final skin shedding before the New Paradigm begins. Mars/ South Node in Capricorn is challenging, key is not to focus on loss, being stuck but focusing on any actions that can bring fresh attention and energy to the past and what we can do to improve our personal and collective future. Follow your gut, take responsibility for asking for help from the Universe, a higher power, magick and learn also to follow our gut, intuition and psychic knowing to bring fresh energies and ideas. Below is some inspiration for the lunation by Sun Sign/Ascendant. I added a theme for your wishes and an affirmation. Add these into a small or large ritual for optimal use of the energy of the time! Aries: This year is about manifesting a new direction and in order for you to birth it, you must trust in a higher power, your soul as “daemon” or genius and holding space for the unknown horizon and your ability to be guided torwards it. Make wishes that connect you with your inner calls and unconscious wishes. Your New Moon affirmation is “I am one with my Soul, the sacred flame of my life.” Taurus: For you Taurus, shedding your skin and allowing the “Freedom from the known” is the key to 2020. This New Moon provides a mediation and a faith in community and ideals. Do not fall in to feelings of victimization, take the time to cultivate compassion for others and their personal beliefs while holding strong boundaries for your own. Make Wishes for friends and allies, including making new ones. Your affirmation is “I am inspired to share myself and my beliefs with others while also accepting theirs” Gemini: Sometimes we all have to deal with loss, with the tough stuff in life and Gemini is no exception. However, there are always gifts in doors closing. This New Moon you can see that by opening yourself up to Grace, to your own ability to hold space for the Mystery, you expand your own potential and your direction! Make Wishes about where you are going next in life, your career or vocation. Your Affirmation: “I am always divinely guided and can trust the Universe” Cancer: The last lunations were tough on Cancer, you may have seen people or things “eclipsed” from your life. This New Moon is supportive. Exhale, then breathe. It’s all divinely planned. There is an opportunity to cultivate your own spiritual faith and to have the law of attraction demonstrated for you now. Keep your mind and heart focused on faith, love, hope and optimism- as well as where you want to go next! Wishes are for moving your life in new places, for spiritual and physical travel. Affirmation is “I am allowing myself to believe in miracles” Leo: This is a time for believing in the magick of sharing and dependency. Now, Leo may WANT to go it alone, but she’s never better when she has allies. It’s OK to be vulnerable and ask for help or just to relax in the security of being loved. Work and Health has been tough or just damn hard in the last couple years. Improvement is coming. Wish along the lines of opening your heart center to receive without the need to control. Affirmation “I am the divine spark. I vibrate in love and magnetize all I need to myself” Virgo: Virgo’s new Moon falls in the place of partnership. What do you want from partners now? You have the magick to attract or improve all relationships by mediating on allowing them to be the absolute best they can be. You can create more joy and fun too. Make wishes this weekend along the theme of opening your eyes to the perfection of your partners. Affirmation” I am guided by the divinity within my relationships and see the beauty in sharing love”. Libra: There has been A LOT of tough energy for Libra with change in foundational places in your life. Family, personal confidence may have been rocked. Now, you can focus on planting seeds of spiritual love, magick and deep devotion with that which is divine in your life. This energy heals and inspires you. Write down wishes around the theme of the sacred flame of spiritual devotion and add to your new moon ritual. Affirmation “I am healed and healing by the light of my own true nature” Scorpio: Things may have been hard with communication. Sources may have been dried up or messages stopped. You may not know where to go next. The key is to take a deep dive into your inner source of joy and play. What makes you happy? Do you have a hobby or passion? Go there now and find your inspiration for next steps. Keep moving! Wishes are around what you LOVE to do and around love in general. Write down a few things you would love to do in the next month. Affirmation “I seek and find my joy in life and know it comes from within”. Sagittarius: New Moon in Pisces is all about your foundation! This is an amazing time have a ritual in your home, to create a beautiful environment for yourself and your family. Resources or money may have dried up a little bit recently but remember money can’t buy happiness… Seek and find the divine and Magick within your core and you are wealthy and wise indeed! Wishes are around expansion of your foundation in general. Affirmation “I am expanding my ability to understand that having a loving and safe foundation is essential” Capricorn: This lunation is all messages from the divine. You want to be in charge and independent and have mostly have been- until recent years. The Pluto/Saturn Meat grinder have chewed you up and spit you out. You are still here though and OK! Make wishes around trusting the secret and invisible world of faith and intuitive guidance. Affirmation “I am trusting the sacredness and vulnerability inherent in being supported by the divine” Aquarius: New Moon brings Magick with resources. Those that you create, like money you earn from a job etc. This is deep magick time for drawing them to you. Much of the difficulty you have experienced is a long period of seeking and facing the inner blockages to accessing your deepest desires. You can and will get what you want soon. Write down wishes around the theme of what you WANT from resources and work. Affirmation “I am opening myself to receive support from the Universe, and trust I can and will have all I need” Pisces: New Moon sparkles and creates Magick around you, allowing you to be more creative and more connected than you have in a long time. Friends and Community can now be supportive of your creative work- get Networking and see how this blossom! Make wishes along the theme of where to go next in life- you CAN make you dreams come true! Affirmation: I am asking the Universe to support my dreams and trust in my soul’s process. Art by Jenny Rome

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