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Pluto Direct!

Pluto turns stationary direct in Capricorn, 9/30/18. Pluto as an archetypal energy represents the death/rebirth process and evolution through these means. Pluto exhibits what is called Shadow energy astrologically, but it the most potent and powerfull ally I have ever experienced personally. Where you have Pluto in your chart natally is where you will experience the lifelong process of deep soul diving and rebirth. Where Pluto is transiting is where you will also experience transformation through loss..devastation and tremendous riches. Pluto is associated with invisibility so you may not "see" how the loss helps you till afterward. Pluto is currently destroying outdated authoritarian structures (Capricorn) worldwide. Get ready for more bumps in November, December and January when Pluto hits up a final time close to Uranus in retrograde. Where is YOUR Pluto natally or by transit? #plutodirect #plutoincapricorn #astrology

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