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Solar Eclipse in Scorpio- 10/25/2022 3:01 am PDT

Oh now I feel it coming’ back again Like a rolling’ thunder chasing the wind Forces pulling’ from the center of the earth again I can feel it. I can feel it. ~“Lightning Crashes” (Live)

Welcome to the time of Scorpio, the Zodiacal repository of things deep, dark and dangerous; those elements often buried in life’s experience, the powerful and energetic force of what resides in spaces without light, the force which is both destructive and regenerative.

We begin Scorpio season with a powerful Solar Eclipse, just days after the Sun enters the sign- at 2 degrees. Moon and Sun are conjunct Venus and square Scorpio’s ruler Pluto. A Solar Eclipse is always a New Moon, and also a doorway, a portal to something ending and beginning. However, South Node eclipses points to releasing and integrating, rather than assertive new beginnings. Included are minor aspects with co-ruler Mars – readying for a retrograde soon and suggesting potential with our relationships- to creatively get “real” with ourselves, with others, perhaps with our version of “reality” or life itself.

As Venus is close to Pluto and Moon in this eclipse it has also just passed its point of yearly “regeneration”- an exact conjunction with the Sun on Saturday the 22nd. What’s special about this year’s Venus/Sun conjunction is that for first time in 100 + years it is happening in Libra- sign of its domicile- instead of Scorpio. Further conjunctions in Libra will happen for the next 100+ years too! This is indicative of the potential for truth, justice and a balanced “rise” in themes of Venus, a regeneration of “her” powers.

Scorpio’s purpose includes “death like” transformations, and release- in order to refine and evolve. With Venus now in Scorpio, situations arise that include integrating Scorpio’s themes with Venus’s purpose; relating, attracting, pleasing and pleasure in life. How are you balancing this? What is leaving and coming in? We are reminded that grief and loss is balanced with joy and abundance. These cycles are also waves, crashing down on our lives.

Scorpio’s motto is I transform. It’s interesting to connect this idea to the process of recycling in nature. There is a kind of death, then a decomposition or breaking down of organic matter. All to transform matter into new, nutrient rich materials that can be used again for natural growth. This analogy can be transferred to your own life’s experiences.

In keeping with this theme, Scorpio also has several symbols associated with it - Scorpion, Eagle, Phoenix - each describing the journey of transformation and refinement available in its deep mystery. We can all choose to react to hurts in life- potential or real, by hiding and stinging/lashing out like the Scorpion, but- we can also use our experiences to gain some perspective on situations, flying above them like the Eagle, then, potentially transforming and re-generating ourselves/behaviors/beliefs endlessly like the mythical Phoenix we all truly are.

Which symbol will you choose to identify with this season? Remember that regardless of our natal focus, we can all focus on and partake of Scorpios gifts.

This Eclipse, perhaps have a cleansing salt bath as a ritual, while you journal and contemplate your potential to transform and release.

Here are some Solar Eclipse exercises from my book “Capricorn Rising; An Astrological Life” to assist your journey of endless awareness.

-Scorpio placements teach us to live fearlessly by connecting us to aspects of ourselves and life that we may have disowned or disenfranchised. This could include things you do not like in your psyche/life. Name some of these and see how they relate to planetary or house positions of Scorpio in your chart.

-Mars and Pluto both rule this “feminine” or receptive water sign. They provide opportunities to be courageous and brave when entering our inner world. How does your natal Scorpio show the way for you to do this work?

-Where is your Natal Pluto? Name it by sign, aspects and house placement.

-Where is your Natal Venus? Is it before or after your Sun? If before you have a “morning star” Venus, and your pleasures come from self worth activities, if after, the beauty of giving

and relating is paramount in your journey.

Blessings of the inner journey to you!


photo by Lawrence Drayton

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