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Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio 5/5/2023 10:33 am PDT

Taurus/Scorpio Eclipse Cycles ( past 30 years)





Eclipses of the Sun and Moon happen approximately 4 times a year in particular signs of the Zodiac. These signs are in an axis (opposed pairs) which come 6 months apart and which repeat every 18.5 years and last about 18.5 months. Every 9 years the pairs “flip.”

At about 18.5 years old you will have a nodal return. This is where the eclipses come to the nodal pair they were at your birth, then opposition 9 years after this 27, and this repeats at around 37 and 46, and so on for around an 18 month period.

In most Astrological traditions Eclipses indicate change that connects to concepts of “Karma and Dharma.” If we use traditional Eastern philosophic ideas around these concepts, we are both balancing our Karmic “sum total of past actions” (which may not necessarily be from this lifetime) with our Dharma- (our path/way or soul direction in this life.)

That being said; I gotta admit this eclipse is a little scary to me.

It’s exactly conjunct my south node and based on my experience with eclipses near my natal south node, it’s likely things may change “in the blink of an eye” and I may not like it.

The last 30 years of this cycle (which is my natal one) has brought major change.

Change that has had people coming in and out of my life- including marriages and divorces, childbirth, a terrible auto accident and subsequent “dark night of the soul” experiences.

These major events coincided with my nodal return time periods - and were pivotal moments in my life story, anchors of the personal foundation of my growth experiences, spiritually and psychologically.

If you happen to have planets or points/chart angles in the signs and degrees of an eclipse pair- you may feel the energetic event of its eclipse, the power being typically a “trigger” or event that creates life-change. If you have your natal nodes in Taurus/Scorpio or prominent planets in these signs, check the dates above to see if you had major life experiences during these year periods.

During this time we may not always be in full control of what happens.

Especially when we have nodal returns, events occur in our lives which may be beyond any idea of cause and effect.

With later contemplation these events can bring us closer to the idea that there seems to be some “intelligent design” to our lives, that when doors open AND close, we can see our “destiny at work.”

I've found that Eclipses often coincide with external life events that can, if we are connected to them- create massive change and growth in our psyche. As we are “exposed” to the energetic style (it is different in each sign) we can grow along these lines. This is true often for all of us in general ways, even If we aren’t “connected” via our personal charts to an eclipse pair.

In Taurus (North Node) and Scorpio ( South), we use crisis moments, those of intensity or “life and death” experiences, to strengthen our own inner responses to life’s cycles. These “nourish our inner gardens” and fertilize our spiritual growth.

The chart for the May 5th eclipse shows the Moon opposing the Sun, (Lunar Eclipses occur during a Full Moon) and opposing Uranus by about 4 degrees. Pluto and Mars co- rule the lunation and are loosely opposed (9 degrees) with Pluto having just stationed Retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde is also loosely conjoined with the Sun in Taurus (having just come out it’s rays day before).

Taurus themes are prominent with North Node, Mercury RX, Sun and Uranus in a line.

The chart reminds me of a schoolyard brawl with a clique (Taurus) opposed to an outsider (Scorpio Full Moon) – a few powerful extras ( Pluto and Mars) hang on the sidelines- who can’t/won’t agree who to side with.

There’s a drama going on folks, and it may include you, or be “outside” you, yet it’s there and you’re forced to pick sides.

Perhaps we side with Venus, who is talking on her smart phone. She’s in mutable Gemini, (gosh Gemini doesn’t ever want to pick sides -variety is the spice of life) however Gemini is square Neptune. It’s not likely she/we/they can make peace anyway- we just don’t have the full picture. Too many varying viewpoints!!

Take a deep breath and take cover this Lunar Eclipse, try not to PUSH your agenda- listen and observe. Take Salt Baths with invigorating essential oils, Say prayers and wait on the will of the heavens. Have a good cry. Punch your pillow. Practice the “martial art” of deflection via strength and awareness. At each challenge we fund the ability to “avert defeat.” Get it?

This time will pass and we will know what we are working with most probably within 10 days of the eclipse when Mercury stations direct.

“ Do not Pray for an Easy Life, Pray for the Strength to Endure the Difficult One”

-Bruce Lee ( Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury in Scorpio)



Art by Anastasiia Platoshyna

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