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Virgo Full Moon 02/27/2021 12:17am PST

Practical Magic

A week into Magical Pisces season, we have our Virgo Full Moon, shining out as a beacon, this Moon is positively connected to Uranus in Taurus, providing some opportunity for finding ways to began breaking free from the situations that have constrained us. Venus is close to the Sun in Pisces, making the potential for a better life, glimmer and shine at us, we are all desirous of something a little more ideal than the life we have been living. Virgo as the polarity point of Pisces can show the way, along with our Moon’s dispositor or ruler- Mercury, which is moving away from Saturn to conjunct Jupiter. Perhaps we are all now feeling more confident in our ability to hold back the darkness of the last years trauma- through our ability to act purposefully and discern both the right and wrong things to focus our futures on.

Virgo, like all earth signs, is a living representative of nature, a divine mother nature energy that is always connected with the outdoors and the process of what is called clean living. Service, duty, health and wellness, cleanliness, modesty, discrimination or discernment, daily tasks and rituals, health food, natural medicine and healing, hygiene, recycling and sorting, writing and editing, are all keywords for Virgo. Focus your magick on these themes now. In Medical Astrology, Virgo has bodily rulership over the organs of assimilation such as the intestinal system. We can have sensitive nervous systems occasionally during a Virgo Full Moon influence which can sometimes affect their digestive process.

Virgo’s energetic force is also found in the perfection of nature, the clockwork opening and closing of flowers, the bees’ duty-oriented service to the pollination process. This is a wonderful weekend to get outside and focus on natures beauty and the coming of Spring, only weeks away.

Art by Lori Meena

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