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Weekly Cosmic Weather/ Horoscopes June 24th-30th, 2019

A milder version of the “meat grinder” energy between the full moon and upcoming Solar Eclipse, this week starts with Venus in Gemini applying to Neptune, creating a dreamy and potentially spiritual connection in our relationships and creative endeavors. The caution is to be able to discern what is real from what is illusion.

Mid-week Mercury moves to Leo, where it will retrograde on July 7th (next week).

You have a small window this week to take care of your active Mercury tasks, like contract signing, business launches and other external communications-remember, Mercury retrograde is used for reviewing and revising.

Thursday, Sun connects harmoniously with Uranus, insights and illuminations are possible, as are “out of the blue” or “out of the box” events or activities. By the end of the week, the Nodes of the moon connect exactly with Saturn, setting up the container for the powerful Solar Eclipse. This time is extremely powerful. More on this soon!

If you are in the LA or South Bay I am participating in a special Solar Eclipse/ New Moon Ceremony July 2nd with Healer Brook Albrigo. Check it out here

Read below for insight for the week by Sun Sign/ Ascendant:


Insights into better communication come from dreams and intuitions now. You get a “hit” on why you think and believe the way you do and what you can actually do to change it!

If you “are what you think” why not focus on positive and empowering thoughts? Make a gratitude list this week, as well as one that focuses on potential fun, play and creative projects.

Money and other resources are changing how they come to you, you can create wealth in unusual ways now. Be open to this.

The upcoming eclipse is going to be in your home and family sector. Something is in the process of changing there. This week think about what needs to be improved or let go of, in order to upgrade your personal well-being.

Weekly Mantra: I am powerful and creative. I know I can improve the foundation of my life


You care deeply about being “comfortable” physically, emotionally and more. Right now, your ruler Venus sits in your home area of resources, pumping them into your life- and this makes you extra happy. It’s not a “great time” energetically for a lot of people, but this week isn’t too bad for you!! Champagne kisses and caviar dreams light up your dreams and there is EXTRA energy around short trips and travel, finalizing contracts and potential for an upcoming move. You get a hit on where and when. (Hint-it’s Leo Season)

Weekly Mantra: I am ready for an evolution! I have the energy and resources to make it happen!


You are still magnetizing others to you and attracting assistance for your endeavors- though things have slowed down a bit and that’s a little frustrating. Summer is a time for resting and relaxing, seems hard to do but try. Mercury is your ruler and it moves Wednesday to Leo, really highlighting creative communication and learning. It’s a great time to write! This week you can discover new pathways to connect to source energy in your life. Meditation, dream analysis and other therapies help light the way to a breakthrough.

Weekly Mantra: I am opening to my deepest self. I take the time to go within and listen to my guidance.


It’s your time to shine Cancer. Happy solar return! The North Node makes every moment of this year doubly impactful, and in moving into the Solar Eclipse in your sign next its essential you prepare yourself for change and trust the intelligence and intent of the “plan”. Not easy I understand but still good advice. For this week just chill as you get a taste of new developments in your life. All is well I promise.

Weekly Mantra: I am secure amidst change. I know all is well as I allow myself to adapt and grow with new life.


You will begin to get inspired as Mercury moves to your sign mid-week. Your creativity is restored and flows out from you. Big change is coming with Uranus at the very top of your chart asking you to revolutionize your world. You can draw ideas for what it will look like from your imagination or subconscious this week. True vision comes from within and you are full of potentials. Wait for your birthday to launch!

Weekly Mantra: I am inspired. I know I can revolutionize my life and seek the vision to begin.


Neptune just stopped motion in your partnership house, it’s another situation where you can’t see clearly what is going on there. Taking the leap to trust is needed for balance. Remember, you can’t control what you can’t control… Meanwhile Venus is still beaming good vibes on you, sharing happy connections and more. This year you may move or expand your living situation – summer is a great time to look for an amazing new place to live. Friends and community are in the spotlight. Spend time with your tribe.

Weekly Mantra: I trust my community. My friends and allies are cherished aspects of my life and reinforce my body, mind and spiritual health.


With the Eclipses in fundamental places in your chart, you are asked to trust in the process of life. Where you are going and where you come from, your home, your vocation all in the midst of change this year. It’s essential we realize that all of life is constantly renewing itself, changing and growing and we can too! Letting go is hard, but it is in the cycle of life’s cosmic spiral. This week think about a short trip or even a class to help you expand your possibilities..

Weekly Mantra: I trust change. I know that it is in the ever unfolding and cycling laws of nature that I am renewed.


For you also there is a focus on expansion (could be mind expansion) and travel, as well as new ways of relating to your partners. As we grow as individuals life will seek to make us more, to have new experiences and more. The solar eclipse can bring clues as to where your next unfoldment will be. It’s all about learning and sharing this learning with others. Don’t hold back!

Weekly Mantra: I am expanding my experiences. I know that I can always grow and learn and become my very best self.


Venus is still beaming love from your lovers into your life, Although things have slowed down they are gearing up to ramp up again mid-August, which will usher in the best part of the year. This week there is energy around gathering resources to fund your life. You and your shared money or loans is at play with the eclipses. Take some time to review this now and just think about what you want to change. More later on this.

Weekly Mantra: I trust my resources. I know I have the ability to create and attract exactly what I need to live my best life


Partners or other alliances are tricky leading into the solar eclipse, so stay flexible and grounded- think like a tree with your roots in the earth, drawing from her as your branches sway in the inevitable winds! No seriously our upcoming eclipses may be intense but YOU GOT THIS. Not much more time till your opportunity. This week work on cultivating creative projects and healthy wellness rituals

Weekly Mantra: I trust life. I know that I am always safe as I change and grow and adapt.


So much has changed since Uranus ( one of your rulers) came to revolutionize your foundation. You may have moved or experienced other major life experiences that showed you how essential it is to constantly expand. This week another piece in the puzzle drops, new information comes to light around your health and wellness. You are getting the download that your thoughts and responses are truly tied into your wellbeing. So, cultivate this. You are intellectual enough to try to heal your life with thought! Use the below Mantra.

Weekly Mantra: I am living perfect health. I know I have the ability to feel and look my best every day and I take the steps necessary to accomplish this.


There is A LOT of energy affecting your chart this year, but this week it’s quiet. The big news is the Solar eclipse leading into the Lunar one in July. These will take place in your chart in the place of Love and Creativity and Friends/ Community. For now make a gratitude list. You NEED to get creative and I think you know this, start having some fun and just play. Write, Draw, Sing, Play an instrument. As you do, the Muses inspire the next step in your evolution.

Weekly Mantra: I allow myself to play. I am eminently creative and allow myself to flow and dream now.

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