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Weekly Horoscope for 10/15-21

We start our week with a solid 1st Quarter Moon in Capricorn, emphasizing our goals and the structures we create to achieve them. With Pluto conjunct the Moon, we are compelled to think about how we can evolve the structures in which we place our ambitions (I.E our work places, homes, relationships etc.) Uranus joins the play with friction, a lightning strike that might push our buttons- but might make us reach for something more too! Observe your reactions without judgement for clues.

With Mercury and Venus RX conjunct AND squaring Mars, some of the issues we confront will be our relating and communication styles. It’s a good idea to have deep and thoughtful conversations around what you need in general, and it’s super important to listen as well as express your own needs! If you are able to “dig in the dirt” of your instinctive self, you will find the places you need to heal and help. Soon it will be time to rise, for now tend to your internal garden.

Aries/ Aries Rising:

Aries keyword is I AM and its a "for sure" that all Aries are compelled to be their own captains. Now, if you are an Aries Sun or Rising, I am going to tell you that this is THE time to start really thinking about your direction. Where you are going in life, in love, etc. Like it? Are you happy with your career or job or marriage whatever? If not- it’s time for a tweak. This is the place you can EVOLVE now and over the course of the next coming years. You will need to ask for support- and that’s hard-- but that’s ok. We are here to be interdependent my cosmic warrior.

Weekly Inspiration- Make a vision board or write down your perfect day, start to finish. This is how you plan your life. It’s Magick!

Taurus/ Taurus Rising:

No matter what- you can’t get the truth that you want more love out of your mind and heart. This is good, ok, it’s in your stars! If you ARE NOT getting it, the love you want I mean- it’s time to break out the "whys". It’s ok to be uncomfortable, vulnerable and sensitive. It’s ok to assert your needs, to express what you want. However, it’s not always ok to hold on selfishly to people or things that want to transform or leave, to not take responsibility for your own experience and actions and sit in negative judgement of yourself and others. YOU DESERVE LOVE, HAPPINESS, JOY, as well as everything else in the Universe you want. Go on, bite the apple.

Weekly Inspiration: Do a Love Ritual this week, get a Rose Quartz heart and keep it next to your bed, Write a love poem to yourself.

Gemini/ Gemini Rising:

Venus and Mercury in the place of wellness and Pluto and Saturn in the place of shared resources. hmmm, for you It’s a deep dive into intimacy and interdependence, and how this can affect your health and wellness. Gemini likes to be coupled, they need to communicate ALL the time, and who better than their partners? But, there is something you need to come clean with in order to feel better and heal. Try and get really, really honest with yourself about how you feel with someone special this week. Do they drain you? Are you trusting? You are in the process of transforming relationships too, and it’s time for expansion.

Weekly Inspiration: Try Journaling your physical feelings when you are around your intimates. They may change so you can write down several. See what predominates and how It affects YOU!

Cancer/ Cancer Rising:

It’s a deep dive in your place of lovers, creativity and partnership. Are you finding joy in your life? Doing what makes you feel alive? It’s a time for ever deeper relational evolution, where you get to transform how you go about relating to others. It’s important to value times of shared Joy with your friends and lovers and nurture what makes you sing. It’s up to YOU to make yourself happy so try and focus on the how, what and why this week!

Weekly Inspiration: What did you love to do as a child? Was it painting? Sports? Music? Do that this week and feel your inner child GLOW.

Leo/ Leo Rising:

Are you feeling the heat? There is some need to go really deep to find your center and grounding. It’s an opportunity to free yourself from a rut, a relationship or way of being that needs to be transformed. This can affect all aspects of your being in a positive and regenerative way. As you are transforming your inner life, you are also transforming your outer one and especially your personal wellness. You see how the two are related, as well as how your own behavior, judgments and beliefs affect how you relate to others. Take a deep breath this week and quiet your mind as you listen for the whispers of your higher self.

Weekly Inspiration: Have you ever eye gazed with yourself? Take a mirror and look deep into your eyes, what do you see? Ask your soul to give you a message.

Virgo/ Virgo Rising:

How you learn and communicate is in the process of being evaluated. Take some time to contemplate your speaking and thinking. Are you making assumptions? Taking things personally or judging yourself or others? Use your VERY astute discriminatory skills to decide what to keep and what to let go of. Meanwhile, you need to build up your relationship to play, creativity and your inner (or even outer) child. This means taking the time for fun! Capeche?

Weekly Inspiration: Take a day off. If you don’t work, go do something creative! Take a pottery workshop or other hands on fun learning class! You will have a blast I promise.

Libra/ Libra Rising:

It’s a week of work on your finances, resources, home, land, family curses (just kidding) or ancestral/ self-esteem trauma/ drama. Yes, even lovely Libra has some messy self-worth issues to balance once in a while. It’s all ok, get your hands dirty “digging in your dirt, finding places you got hurt”. When you see nasty thoughts or emotions growing inside of you, pluck ‘em out and throw them back into the abyss where they came from. Your inner garden just needs a little tending once in a while to look it’s very best- and it does look good!!

Weekly Inspiration: It’s a first quarter Moon, also great for Manifesting. Do a Manifesting Ritual this week for more of anything you need.

Scorpio/ Scorpio Rising:

Happy Almost Birthday. You have a spotlight on you now with Mercury and Venus RX and Jupiter in your sign. You can get Manna from Heaven or just recognized publicly for your sexy style now. You are speaking your truth, walking silently and carrying that big stick too!

Observe how others are impacted by you, what do you see? Are you affecting them the way you want to? It’s a time where you can receive, money, attention or other goodies so lighten up your heavy heart and allow. Meanwhile your planetary rulers are banging about in the areas of

communication and family so tread carefully and deeply there.

Weekly Inspiration: Get a haircut, facial, new wardrobe pieces, manicure, pedicure or some other beauty treatment. You deserve it!!

Sagittarius/ Sagittarius Rising

All I can think of for you is November 8th! November 8th! That’s the day your ruling planet Jupiter comes back into your sign! It’s an amazing expansive opportunity for you to release the past years of tough and get ready for some fun! Meanwhile, you can prepare by getting clear on what you want, what you want to leave behind in your solar re-birth. It’s time to unpack your baggage. Venus Retrogrades in your deep unconscious so therapy or coaching, astrology/ tarot readings, journaling, or long chats with your bestie help this process.

Weekly Inspiration: Buy a beautiful dream journal and use the writing prompts: I feel__, I need__ I want__.

Capricorn/ Capricorn Rising:

You are feeling a little heavy this week especially early on with all the Moon/ Pluto/ Uranus ugh. But it’s ok, you are ready to process, re-build or build your life again from the ground up. Venus speaks to you from the place of community. You may want to consider whether or not your friends, tribe, group etc. are nourishing or draining you. If they are nourishing, send them gratitude, if they are draining send them boundaries. It’s a great time to connect deeply with friends and what you value. Take it easy and let it flow.

Weekly Inspiration: Have a long, intimate talk with a good friend this week, make it someone you value that you haven’t connected with recently. Tell a secret.

Aquarius/ Aquarius Rising:

It’s been a bit of trial recently, but things may be back on track. You have the energy to get things done, but also have to confront where you want to go. Like Aries there is a transformation available in your place of direction. Only you can choose where to go. Only you can choose to remove the chains that seemingly bind you. It’s an amazing week to dig into your motivation- what motivates you to stay in a situation that doesn’t serve you or to run away from confronting a fear? Stand in courage before all and watch the doors open.

Weekly Inspiration: Vision Board, Journal or list where you want to be in 3-5 years and take one step to getting there.

Pisces/ Pisces Rising:

Hello Beautiful! You are in a very spiritual place where the rest of us are raging against the machine. You have probably surrendered to the blissful flow and are floating in connectedness. No? Well- this is all available to you if you work on expanding your perspective now. Though your groups or community is in a period of transformation you know what’s important. Peace and Love Man!

Weekly Inspiration: Take a trip. Somewhere foreign is best. If you can’t do that, see a foreign film or listen to world folk music of another land.

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