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Welcome to Gemini Season!

Gemini is all about Connections- like the connections our brains make within our nerve endings, connective tissue, and lungs. In fact, these are the areas of the body Gemini “rules” in Medical Astrology.

Gemini is also the first Air sign of the Zodiac.

The element of “air” symbolizes breath and breathing as well as thought and thinking. There is focus here on the connections made when we communicate via information, experience and insight, the processes of symbols strung together in written and spoken languages.

Gemini’s archetypal expression loves movement, variety, and all forms of communication. This is a “social” sign, and its themes include friends, siblings, children, and learning. It’s mode of expression is also mutable, meaning flexible, adapting and changing .

“Chatty Gemini, always seeking their twin” My Mom would often comment, referring to the natives of the sign- and it’s true that as I have contemplated my Gemini friends, clients and coworkers over the years, I see this outlined time and again.

Best Friends, Soul Mates, Twin Flames.

Gemini is always searching for their "other half" throughout life. Perhaps because what they think and experience needs to be shared. They do seem to prefer relating and networking with others rather than keeping information to themselves, as they accumulate and trade tidbits of information.

Gemini’s symbol is “The Divine Twin”, or the Hermaphrodite. Its Tarot card is “The Lovers” symbolizing also, the duality present in the sign.

The third house of the chart wheel is its domain, the arena of life expressing the lower mind or ego, communication, and writing, as well as siblings and local environments.

Mercury (Hermes) is the winged messenger god of our Greco-Roman God pantheon is the sign’s planetary ruler.

Mercury is a unique god, both as an androgynous figure- and as the only Olympian to move freely between the realms or worlds. He/it’s associated with the Egyptian God Horus, the Child of Isis and Osiris often depicted as a Falcon. One of his names is “He is above, over things.”

Thoth, the self- begotten Egyptian god of writing, wisdom and magick has also long been associated with Mercury and Gemini too.

In Astrology, the planet Mercury represents the mind; your thinking, communication style and expression, and just like Mercury the god- your mind or awareness can also move between levels of consciousness, crossing thresholds of perception.....

Excerpted From my book "Capricorn Rising"

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Jofra Bosshart -Hermes Trismgistos

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