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Welcome to Scorpio Season

Scorpio has been given the honor of being the Zodiacal repository of things deep, dark and often dangerous. What has been buried in life’s experience, the powerful and energetic force of what resides in spaces without light. That force, which is both destructive and regenerative.

This time period contains Halloween, or Samhain, All Souls Day, and Dia de los Muertos in Mexico. In the Northern Hemisphere the light of the Sun wanes in the wheel of year. The veil between worlds is thinner, the natural world seems to “die” as leaves fall from trees and roots dig deep into the earth awaiting rebirth. Fittingly, Scorpio’s Tarot Card is Death.

However, it's interesting to note that Scorpio’s motto is “I transform”

One of the teachings of Scorpio’s wisdom school connects to the process of recycling in nature. There is an ending of usefulness, a death in nature, then a decomposition or breaking down of organic matter in order to transform the matter into new, nutrient rich materials that can be used again for natural growth.

This process/cycle can also be found in the ancient process of Alchemy, defined as a magical process of transformation, both of matter and consciousness. Alchemy traditionally had three classic stages: Nigredo the blackening, Albedo the whitening and Rubedo the reddening.

The purpose is to transmute and transform, to refine and evolve.

In keeping with this theme, Scorpio also has several symbols associated with it - Scorpion, Eagle, Phoenix - each describing the journey of transformation and refinement available in its deep mystery.

If this mystery is applied properly, a kind of enlightenment, an “Albredo,” comes into being from the integration and "overview" acceptance of death, endings and liminal aspects of life.

What follows then can be true rebirth, the Rubedo, the light of the Ruby, the Phoenix which knows what it really is, indestructible.

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